This document outlines all of the specific rules governing the Legends Trail Race. These rules must be adhered to at all times during the event both on the course and at each individual checkpoint. The Legends Trail Race is a non-stop, winter, mountain marathon and must be considered as a serious undertaking.

Due to the potential for adverse or extreme weather conditions you are responsible for your own safety on the trail and at all checkpoints. You must, therefore, be in good enough physical condition to complete the race within the allotted time and possess the necessary skills to navigate effectively and manage emergency situations in mountainous terrain during the winter.

In addition to accepting the race rules and terms & conditions it is required that you sign/ agree to the participant waiver prior to the start of the race. By joining the race you accept the Race Rules and Terms & Conditions of entry.

  1. You must be aged 18 or above.
  2. Athletes must observe any advised cut-off times.
  3. All checkpoints have a departure cutoff time based on an average speed of 4km/h .Intermediate cutoff times can be applied and will be communicated in the checkpoints
  4. In some instances athletes will be advised on their pacing to safely meet any cut-offs. Failure to meet any set targets may result in early withdrawal from the race.
  5. You must check in/out of every checkpoint with a race official.
  6. You must ensure your race number is recorded by our course monitors during the race. Failure to do this will incur a penalty and if it happens more than once possible penalties or expulsion.
  7. You are not allowed to have a support team. Participants of the 2024 Legends Trail Race have to setup their own sleeping system, both at checkpoints or on the trail.  No support at all is allowed.
  8. The use of pacers is not allowed.
  9. The use of poles is allowed.
  10. You must complete the course on foot with no assistance from vehicles of any kind for transportation.
  11. You will be fitted with a GPS tracking device which you are responsible for. You will be instructed on where to position this device and how to look after it. You are responsible for handing in this device when you finish. If you fail to do this you are responsible for any penalty charges associated with returning the tracker.
  12. No illegal drugs are allowed during your race.
  13. You can provide us with a resupply bag which should be no heavier than 20kg. Make sure all of your equipment fits in your bag i.e. no extra bags attached to the sides. Drop bags will be weighed. The resupply bag will go to all checkpoints and the Finish as required based on event. You cannot use a support crew that carries your drop bag from checkpoint to checkpoint, or that supplies you with a drop bag between checkpoints.
  14. You can use cafes, shops and restaurants along the route to resupply but no hotels or B&B’s for sleeping.
  15. You can sleep outside at each of the checkpoints for the 2024 Legends Trail Race 250K.
  16. If you stop for a substantial length of time (over 1hr) find an area with mobile phone reception and contact RACE HQ via SMS or a phone call.
  17. At registration, every participant has to bring a beer for the race director’s birthday in order to successfully start the registration (as a prove that you read this document).
  18. You must remain on the course at all times unless we divert you to a checkpoint.
  19. You must have demonstrable navigation skills.
  20. You must carry the mandatory equipment at all times whilst on the course. We may spot check at any time during the race for safety. If you don’t you will be deemed unfit to continue and withdrawn from the race.
  21. Littering (which includes dropping/ disposing of equipment) on the trail is not permitted at any time during the race. Any individual found intentionally littering will be immediately disqualified from the race with no exceptions. Respect the environment!
  22. A mobile phone, adequately charged, must be carried at all times. We may place signs on the course that require you to contact Race HQ (number will be on your bib) or switch on your phone for safety. If we place these signs on the course there’s a reason for it.
  23. In the event of adverse or extreme weather the race organizers reserve the right to amend the route and program accordingly. You will be informed a.s.a.p. at the nearest checkpoint (or monitoring position) and will be briefed when appropriate. However, athletes who have completed the route prior to any significant amendments (original route) will rank higher if they complete the course.
  24. In the event of adverse or extreme weather you may be held in certain areas on the course or at a checkpoint. This is when course conditions are a danger to your wellbeing. In this scenario we cannot be held responsible for any additional time this adds to your race and you will be released as soon as possible, and when possible in order. However, cut-off times may be amended to allow for delays, but will not automatically be extended. We are not in charge of the weather.
  25. If you are deemed unsuitable to continue at any stage of the race, the race organizers reserve the right to hold you for a minimum of 4 hours or withdraw you from the event. This could be for the following:
    1. Medical grounds – Fatigue, injury, previous medical condition etc.
      1. Not all injuries will require withdrawal from the event and it is at the discretion of the medical staff.
    1. Cheating – Not completing the course as marked/ instructed, using public transport or receiving outside assistance etc other than what is specified.
    1. Unable to complete the course in the allotted time.
    1. Unsociable behavior.
    1. Poor navigation skills.
    1. Unsafe racing.
  26. If another team or individual is in need of emergency assistance it is expected that you provide assistance.
    1. Once reported, the race organizer will credit any time spent assisting with the aid or rescue of a fellow participant.
  27. The race directors have complete autonomy throughout the duration of the race and their decision is final on all rulings.
  28. You are required to make your own way to and from the event.
  29. You must agree with the participant waiver, terms & conditions and race rules prior to race start.
  30. The race organizers reserve the right to amend or update the rules or terms of entry at any time.